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Hello! And Welcome to www.ChurchFurniture1.com webpage! We are always striving to improve and from time to time you may see changes in the website to improve user experience. Our company has always been primarily church chairs, although we carry some commercial lines of furniture  and added a smoother flow to the overall look and feel of the website to provide an easier user experience. We add and adjust products and pricing everyday so If you have questions or need help feel free to contact us at any time 800-395-6811.

We are not for profit (read more about this here) Global Retailer of Church Chairs and we have multiple tiers of finance and payment options. We are offering some significant discounts on our chairs as well so have a look around or give us a call we may can work a deal over the phone that is just right for your congregation!

It all started a with a passion to good and support a family! We are applying for our not-for-profit 501 C 3 status so that we can bring you the best deals in the market as an alternative to other corporate retailers. We work on church blessings and in return we provide church blessings in the form of beautiful and well made church chairs that are made to last and we offer a no games guarantee that's our specialty but we also carry all forms od chairs and seating you can think of, so give us a try as an alternative. 

Thank you for your interest in our company and God Bless,

The Staff



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