Bowback Dining Chair - Amish Furniture for sale

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BowBack Windsor Chair Dining Chair Amish Furniture Solid Wood Chair

The Bowback dining chair Windsor Chair is Handcrafted from Premium Lumber and a Canalized Varnish of your choice. This Beautiful Solid Wood Furniture Piece is as old as the Amish tradition. Amish Furniture for sale is popular in many styles with the bowback dining chair being the most popular. The Select rod work is meticulously hand worked through out the bowback chair making for a much stronger solid wood chair utilizing 9 rods over smaller mass assembly line manufactured 7 spindle chairs allowing for a wider wrap and a closer encasement of the lumbar and shoulders while at seat. Amish Furniture spindle designed curved (bowed) chairs are popular all the way back prior to the 1700's. 

This Windsor Chair is better by design, uses a larger steam bent frame, a process of actually bending and curving the wood into its derived name, bows. Each spindle is then hand throttled through the seat and lumbar for a no hardware tighter, stronger fit and one that will last for generations and as previously mentioned the wider bow and use of more spindles allows for a more contoured and comfortable wrap around an individual back as seated. This means one can sit longer, be more comfortable and ergonomically supported in a correct position for posture.

Paired into sets and matched with a Table size of your choice this makes for beautiful dining furniture and will give your home an elegant traditional english or early american feel to your home. This Bowback dining chair is a collection of Amish Furniture for sale featuring  Solid Wood Chairs a lifetime warranty and is highest quality chair produced by CF1

LifeTime - Amish Furniture is produced to last forever and pass down generation to generation. The warranty is covered by the Amish for the lifetime of the product.
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